Eh? Yeh? Dat? What the Hell?

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I'm so glad to hear y'all suffer from dementia just like me.  I was meant to be a southerner I think.  I really like using the word "y'all".  Alas, I'm a little Canadian, but we have some good words too here in Canada, home of the free.  We have words like "yeh", but you don't say it like yeh,  you have to take a really big breath while saying the word simultaneously so it sounds like you're suffering from asthma when the word actually comes out.  We have words like "eh".  This word really has no purpose but Canadians seem to enjoy sticking it on the end of sentences, for instance, "It's cold out, eh?", "That was quite a hockey game last night, eh?", "I bet our southern brothers sure are glad they got rid of that Bush fella, eh?"

Looking at that I guess its' purpose is to turn an otherwise perfectly good statement into a question.  Huh, who knew?

The province of Newfoundland, well they have a language entirely of their own.  You'll hear someone being desribed as "right crooked" in Newfoundland, which means they are cranky.  "Yes b'y" is a term often used to express anything from agreement to surprise.  The word "that" is expressed "dat" as in "Dat dere's shockin b'y".  It really is quite an art form to have a conversation with a born and bred Newfoundlander.  Disclaimer: I am in no way shape or form making fun of these people (okay I lie like a rug), Newfoundlanders are the NICEST people you will ever meet, but c'mon y'all have to admit you have some fucked up language skills. Muuuahhh love y'all.

Look what I got today.

I told Daffy since she's broken my "blog award" virginity, she's now responsible for my life...just like the old chinese proverb.  There should be a ceremony so I can buy a new dress and give an acceptance speech.  There would also be a red carpet at my imaginary award ceremony, obviously.

Now if anyone lives near Daffy, you should probably check on her throughout the day. I'm thinking taking dog insulin rather than human insulin has to have some type of affect (effect? I never now how to use those damn words) on the body. Perhaps she'll start barking and pissing on trees.  Just sayin....

In all seriousness, thanks Daffy girl, I will treasure it foreva' (or until I get another award in which case your award will be forgotten like a drunken one night stand).

For reading to the bottom of  my rambling thoughts you get a reward.  Yeahhh you (or yous as our Newfoundland friends like to say)!!  I present to you (by popular request) my sangria recipe.  Now keep in mind this is not out of a book.  This recipe is a culmanation of years of effort on my part. I was like a mad scientist turning my kitchen into a lab complete with bunson burner and glass tubes.  Trial and error if you will. I have made countless jugs of sangria over the years perfecting this recipe.  It required the consumption of gallons of red wine in the pursuit of the perfect combination, this was a sacrifice I was willing to make (okay, it was no damn sacrifice at all, shut up).  Do not use a fine bordeaux, get the cheapest damn bottle of red you can find. A fine wine is wasted on sangria because you're adding shit to it.  You can use a merlot, or whatever red you like, it doesn't matter as long as it's red.  Leftover red wine works great too.

2 bottles of red wine
1/2 cup of brandy
2 cups of freshly squeezed orange juice (I have used concentrated frozen but it makes the sangria sweeter...the freshly squeezed is much better)
1/4 cup of sugar (eliminate this if you're using the concentrate orange juice)
1 cup of sparkling water (use ginger ale or club soda if you don't have sparkling's the fizz that you can also increase this a bit if  you like your drinks fizzy)
3 cinnamon sticks (do not use ground cinnamon .. it will leave flaky crap in your sangria)
1 orange cut in slices
1 lemon cut in slices

Put the wine, orange juice, sugar and cinnamon sticks in a pot and simmer the shit out of it. Try not to boil it because it will affect the taste of the wine. Put it on low heat and leave it for about 1/2 an hour. You want the flavor to come out of the sticks and the sugar to melt. This will make your house smell unbelievably good.

Take it off the stove and add the sliced lemon and orange. Cool it, add sparkling water just before serving. Drink it from straight from the pot the way I usually do put it in a pretty clear jug so everyone can oohhh and ahhhh over how creative you are. Serve cold over ice.

Sangria is a great drink because you can do so many things with it. I once added a crapload of fruit (cut up strawberries, peaches and kiwi) for a summer bbq. I had bought little bags of spice at a craft fair once to make apple cider, and decided on a whim to throw them into a pot with a bottle of wine. OH MY GOD it was orgasmic it tasted that good. That was actually what got me on the whole kick to create my own recipe, because I couldn't find the damn little satchets of spices again.

So go forth and drink.


Anonymous said...
December 5, 2009 at 12:55 PM

Thanks for the recipe, y'all. Sounds yummy. But I'm still trying to figure out how you pronounce "b'y."

adrienzgirl said...
December 5, 2009 at 1:43 PM

I love Sangria! This sounds fabulous. I appreciate you sacrificing your liver. If you need a transplant let me know. Type A+?

Oh...and congrats on our award! Ain't it pretty?

Aunt Juicebox said...
December 5, 2009 at 2:41 PM

Oh that sounds good! I haven't had sangria in a long time. I love to eat the pieces of fruit out of it. ;)

Becca said...
December 5, 2009 at 5:36 PM

That sounds really good, I am going to have to try it over Christmas break!

Anonymous said...
December 6, 2009 at 7:22 AM

Oh yes, exactly what we need at our place. We are doing drunken croquet in the backyard this year and your recipe will suit perfectly. thanks :)

Dual Mom said...
December 6, 2009 at 10:31 AM

Drunken croquet...I love it!!

dadshouse said...
December 6, 2009 at 2:34 PM

I love sangria! Your recipe sounds great. Though, I sometimes toss a little gin into mine :-P

How's that, eh? (Don't worry, I'm actually part Canadian)

Mad Woman said...
December 6, 2009 at 5:12 PM

Ohhh yum. Thanks for that! I love me some Sangria. And yeah, the Newfies do have a language all their own. I lived there for many years (I'm a military brat Canuck) and learned to speak it a bit, but it can still throw me off some.

Dual Mom said...
December 6, 2009 at 5:42 PM

DH - Gin goes well with anything!

MW - where else have you lived in Canada?

kys said...
December 6, 2009 at 5:51 PM

That sounds like a great recipe. I love sangria. Congrats on your award!

blueviolet said...
December 6, 2009 at 11:27 PM

I've never tried Sangria but you're convincing me that I ought to! Sounds drinkalicious which will lead to drunkalicous!

Vinomom said...
December 7, 2009 at 11:01 AM

What is Leftover Wine ??

Congrats on your award, nothin' like popping that blog cherry!

Crystal said...
December 17, 2009 at 12:36 AM

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I'll have to save it for a year or so down the road, after my pregnancy and breastfeeding duties. :)