Errrr...Ummm Hello?

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Crazy lady steps to the microphone, head hanging with shame and a faint blush tinging her cheeks. "Hello?"

So I'm not blushing, but yeah hanging my head with shame, just a wee bit. I logged on expecting to have four followers left. To my surprise, I've only lost about 10 of you. This tells me one thing, you people never clean up your blog lists! What the hell is wrong with you? I haven't opened my blog since my last post. Seriously. I also didn't realize how much I missed this until.....right now. Putting these words out there knowing that some of you will read and respond and I'll respond back and we'll insult each other and you'll offer your words of wisdom and then I'll read all about your crazy antics and your dysfunctional lives and boy have I missed this.

I'm baaaccccck she Satan shudders with fear.

I have stories!

But really it's the new man you want to hear about isn't it? C'mon you know it is.

Yes, he's still around. Yes, I'm still deliriously happy.

Yes, I'm in LOVE. I'm fucking in love people. I know, you're as amazed as I am right? In love like I didn't think it was possible for this hard, blackened heart to love.

So be prepared because I'm going to bore you to shit with stories of the blue eyed boy. After I catch up on what everyone has been up to. Must go read.....

Oh I'll be back, I promise.