Not My Child.....

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Do you ponder daily what type of mom you are? Do you agonize over what type of kids you're raising? My children are older, two teens and a tween, so their personalities are quite defined. This article has me confused, because my children don't really fall into any of the three categories. I'm a failure obviously. :)

The teacup term made me chuckle. I work in a College and this word has become prevalent among university and college staff in the past two years. We are seeing this influx of kids who simply can't deal with life. They crack at the first sign of criticism, they sink into depressions when they fail an exam, they have no coping mechanisms. They have lived all of their life in a shelter designed by their parents to prevent them from having to deal with any of lifes ugly realities. While the premise of this might seem as though they are just trying to spare their child....they are not doing them any favors at all. The real world can be an ugly place people. It's frightening to see.

Tyrants are alot of fun also. There's nothing like dealing with the parent of a tyrant. When students apeal academic discipline or probation these appeals end up in my office. I once had a group of five students in the same class who were all given a zero on a paper they had submitted. Why would an instructor do such a thing? Well these five little darlings all passed in the exact same paper, believing the instructor was either on crack or blind and he would not notice the paper was identical. I'll give them credit though, they did change the cover page to include their respective names. The parents of two of these tyrants landed in my office, threatening lawsuits unless something was done to purge the previously pristine reputation of their angel like offspring. Fuck. Open your eyes. Your kid is a lying, lazy ass shit.

Of course, we need not worry about this, because we're all raising perfect children, right? :0)


Aunt Juicebox said...
October 29, 2009 at 1:17 PM

I think that most kids have a mixture of all 4 of those types. I see a lot of the "turtles" these days though - kids who think that nothing bad can happen to them and that they are untouchable.