Communication Part Deux

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My response to SWSNBN's email:

Thanks SWSNBN, I know you really do a lot to try and get him to where he's supposed to be and make sure that things are getting done and helping him with projects and stuff, so thank you for that. Short of doing the work ourselves....I don't know what more we can do. It's just...he doesn't care...and I don't know how you make a kid care about school. I was furious when I got off the phone last night...and I told him there was no tv for the next month and no concert, because I did tell him that I would take him to the concert if his dad would let him come in with me on that Friday night. I knew you guys had plans to go to xxx and couldn't shell out money for more concert tickets. And you're right, he wants to go desperately. I'll see what the teacher says on Thursday evening.
Dual Mom

See!!! Look how nice I am, I THANK HER for her help. She helps, I fully admit that. Ok, again can't copy into this post. Check out the next post where it all goes to hell in a handbasket with one simple sentence from SWSHBN.........ohh yi yi