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I think I am pretty fair when it comes to communicating with Ex. What I have a problem with is Ex prefers to leave the communicating to SWSNBN. He has his reasons for this, it's difficult to get in touch with him during the day, plus he doesn't like to talk. I'm serious when I say that. So I try....I try so hard to be the bigger person and allow him his preferred method of communication....see email below from me.

Can you let Ex know I got a call from Monty's teacher last night. Apparently he's not doing his math homework and on Monday he passed in a science lab that she immediately returned to him because it was unacceptable. He also had some sort of "myth" due today. She posted this myth on the homework site yesterday and it was due today. It's not done, I didn't check the homework site yesterday and she called me at 9:00 last night. Of course he didn't tell me that he had to do this. Anyway, I'll deal with that this evening or maybe she'll make him do it after school today. She did make him stay in yesterday to do the math he hadn't done. He told me on Monday and again last night that he had done his homework before I picked them up, I'm obviously going to have to stop falling for that line.
Anyway, just thought I would let Ex know that the #1 son is at it again.:0) Parent teacher interviews are on Thursday night so I'll let Ex know how that goes. Honestly, I'm just ready to choke the kid.....
Dual Mom

That's a nice, cordial email, right? I'm communicating, being friendly, no ulterior motive. Just trying to get everyone on the same page with regard to Monty's schoolwork. I get this response from SWSNBN:

Dual Mom
He will never learn
He wanted to go to the concert and I really would have taken him, but I told him he would really have to pull up his socks first. He told me yesterday that you may take him. Maybe that is another threat for him, unless he picks it up he is not going. We had already got our xxx tickets and they were $150. He loves xxx so much but he is not showing any improvement at all.
When I got home yesterday, he was sitting at the table doing homework. I can vouch for that, but he finished soon after I came in. Ex is not very good with the school stuff and if you ever want me to go with you to the interviews let me know. It is me that helps with homework and projects. Ex usually only helps out with the easy stuff, like spellings and reading.
I will pick him up today and I will let Ex know that he is back to his old tricks.

Total adult communication right? She's trying to be helpful and engaged. I chuckle at the line "Ex is not very good with school stuff" (actually I laugh my ass off at this).  Gee do ya think? Am I being bitchy when I ask myself "Why the hell would I need her to come to parent teacher interviews with me"?
My response in the next post, blogger won't let me copy and paste anymore into this one....what's up with that?